Home NEWS iPhone XS Max crashes the Galaxy Note 9 in a speed test

iPhone XS Max crashes the Galaxy Note 9 in a speed test

iPhone XS Max crashes the Galaxy Note 9 in a speed test

The new iPhone XS and Apple’s XS Max iPhone were released last week. If you are a fan of the brand, we are sure that the wait was not easy. Is that the information around the new XS and XS Max began to come to the Internet even before the launch of the iPhone X that occurred last year.

What matters is that this device was released and Apple fans seem to be satisfied. As you know, the iPhone XS marks what is undoubtedly the smallest annual update compared to the iPhone X of 2017. However, the “S” equipment is usually developed for people who change their mobile phone every two years or even every three years.

For these people, iPhone XS and XS Max are a complete reinvention of the iPhone experience. For people who have an iPhone X from last year, all that the iPhone XS really has to offer is a new golden color, a new option with a bigger screen and better performance. In this field, the improvements are really many!

The iPhone 4S had the Siri, the iPhone 5s had the Touch ID and the iPhone 6s had the 3D Touch. The iPhone XS does not have any of these “revolutionary” novelties. However, it was released with something that the iPhone X from last year does not have: iOS 12.

The iPhone X is a great outfit, but it had a rock in the shoe

The iPhone X is undoubtedly a great piece of equipment, but it failed to reach its full potential with iOS 11. Bugs, security holes and other issues were primarily responsible for some of the problems. Is that perhaps for this reason and despite being a much more powerful smartphone than the Android competitors, was eventually beaten by these in the performance tests.

Fortunately, iOS 12 is something completely different. It does not have the RAM management issues and other performance issues we saw on iOS 11.

So, on paper, it looks like everything is fine and really the new iPhone has everything to beat the competition. But in real life? How does the heart of this smartphone, the Aion Bionic, work against the competition?

How do real speed tests work?

Many YouTubers love to perform “real-time tests,” which in practice are unscientific tests that seek to compare how quickly two smartphones are used to perform real tasks. This is very different from the performance tests, which show just how the phones deal when they are on the edge. Because people usually do not walk around on a day-to-day basis pushing their smartphones to the limit, these videos help people realize how devices behave in real life. Basically it is a test that consists of opening applications, using them and switching between them.

YouTube’s SuperSaf TV channel has put the new iPhone XS Max against the 128GB Galaxy Note 9. The version tested was the European version that came with Exynos. The format copies some similar velocity tests that we have already observed, since it involves opening the same applications, in the same order, in two different equipments. However, SuperSaf did not measure full lap times. Instead, it showed how each individual action behaves on both phones. As a result, there is in practice no winner or loser. Still, the video shows clearly who did the best.

Despite having 6 GB of RAM, compared to the 4 GB in the iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 really did not win this test. Things started well, but after the first few applications it was clear that the iPhone beats Note 9.

Here is the comparison:


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