iPhone XR vs. Galaxy Note 9 - Apple continues to impress
iPhone XR vs. Galaxy Note 9
iPhone XR vs. Galaxy Note 9 – On paper, the new Apple iPhone XR should not be a big rival to Galaxy Note 9, when it comes to pure and tough performance! After all, the new Note 9 has 8GB of RAM compared to the 3GB of the iPhone XR.

It would surely be easy to assume that the performance advantage would stay on the side of Note 9 … But no, Apple once again demonstrates the power of its A12 SoC.

Here we can see in another test of the channel PhoneBuff, in which YouTuber decides to insert the latest device from Apple vs. the latest from Samsung …  In short, does the iPhone ‘budget’ have any hypothesis?

Without any doubt! Although the iPhone XR has less than half of the RAM, Apple shows the ‘muscles’ of its optimization of its iOS, and wins the first round with a 15-second advantage! (First round consists of opening a series of 16 applications and games.)

Well, in the second round, Note 9 was able to recover almost all the time lost on the first lap! With the iPhone XR finishing the test at 2: 38.33 and Note 9 at 2: 38.48. (The second round consists of re-opening the same applications, but now in reverse. In order to realize the multitasking performance and ability to keep apps open in memory.)

A great performance of the iPhone XR! It uses the same Apple A12 Bionic SoC that we can find in the more expensive models, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

However, it’s just a metric, and it does not mean that the XR is more powerful than Note 9 on a daily basis … After all they are different devices, with different operating systems, designed for very different tasks.

However, it should be noted that the iPhone XR is now tied in the third position of the PhoneBuff test. (In line with Note 9.)

What do you think about this? It prefers the cheapest Apple iPhone XR with LCD screen and only one camera but an excellent SoC … Or the most complete Galaxy Note 9 with the now ‘old’ Exynos that hit the market by the hands of the Galaxy S9 earlier this year.


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