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iPhone XR And OnePlus 6T Speed ​​comparison

iPhone XR And OnePlus 6T Speed ​​comparison

The OnePlus 6T went on sale this week. This flagship is famous for its high performance because OnePlus optimizes the launch time of applications for each new smartphone. So can the OnePlus 6T compare to the iPhone XR?

In the speed test, the iPhone XR was able to open 16 applications in a row in 2 minutes and 22 seconds. Among them were not only powerful games, but also video editors with export. For comparison, the OnePlus 6T did the same for 2 minutes 37 seconds. Interestingly, in downloading applications, OnePlus 6T was faster, but in exporting video to 4K, the iPhone XR took the lead.

In the multitasking test, 8GB of RAM OnePlus 6T did not help him, because it did not save powerful games like GTA San Andreas. Because of this, the smartphone again lost the iPhone XR with a score of 1 minute 14 seconds against 56 seconds. The OnePlus 6T has almost 2.7 times more RAM than the iPhone XR, so in theory it should have done a lot better.

OnePlus 6T is much cheaper than the iPhone XR: a variant with 128GB of memory and 6GB of RAM costs about 30,000 rubles. These figures are twice the size of what Apple offers with the iPhone XR (3GB of RAM and 64GB of memory). The results of the iPhone XR are impressive, but a large amount of memory OnePlus 6T will bring more benefits in everyday life.


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