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Common iPhone X Problems and their solutions

iPhone X came out almost two weeks ago, and during this time, users found it a lot of problems. Not all of them are significant, but some Apple still needs to fix it in the next system update. Given the popularity and millionth sale of the iPhone X, it’s no wonder that every small issue associated with a smartphone is reported by the media.

If you managed to buy an iPhone X and faced one of the problems, you do not need to get frustrated. Most likely, it is easy to solve. In this article, we’ll look at the most common iPhone X problems and tell you how to solve them.

Below Are Common iPhone X Problems

Green bars on the display

Several users from around the globe complain that on the beautiful 5.8-inch Super Retina HD screens of their devices appeared incomprehensible green lines. The problem is in the OLED panel itself, so it can not be solved by updating it. If you encounter it, contact the nearest service center and change the phone to a new one.

Green bars on the display


Screen does not respond to touch in cold weather

Many owners of iPhone X write that the screen for a couple of seconds stops responding to their touch on the street. The problem is common among users living in countries with a cold climate and is associated with a sharp temperature drop.

Apple is already aware of the problem and is working on its solution in the next update of iOS.

Problems with activation

In the first week after the release of the iPhone X, many complained about various problems and errors associated with the activation of the device. The reason was a big load on Apple’s servers due to the fact that too many people around the world tried to activate their new smartphones simultaneously. Now the problem is solved. If you still can not activate iPhone X, contact Apple Support or your operator.

Face ID does not work

Several iPhone X owners occasionally suddenly stop working Face ID. As shown by a lot of drop tests, the Face ID module is very fragile and can stop working because of a drop from a small height. So your iPhone X cannot suffer from falling physically, but its functionality may be compromised.

Face ID scanFace ID scan


Yellowish shade of the screen

Some users report that the screens of their iPhone X have a yellowish tinge. This warm tone of the display annoys the owners of new smartphones, and many blamed the OLED panel for it.

iPhone X Problems

As it turned out, the reason for this is the True Tone feature, which first appeared on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. When it is turned on, the smartphone display automatically changes the temperature depending on the lighting. This helps reduce eye strain and improve readability. If you also do not like the yellow tint, you can always turn off the True Tone function in Settings.

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  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    Oga Emmaunel? Did you heard that hackers from Vietnamese has cracked the face ID of the IPhone X?.. Hunh…
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  2. Wow thanks for the solutions.
    Concerning the face ID hack, it’s funny because iPhone was boastful about the face ID but not too far from launching it has been hacked.
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