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Apple iPhone X – 2 new games using Face ID 3D sensor

Apple iPhone X Face ID 3D sensor
The Face ID 3D sensor is one of the main features of the new Apple iPhone X

The latest Apple iPhone X has a new technology installed that allows the user to unlock the phone with a simple look. Face ID is implemented thanks to the new 3D sensor located in the “monocle” of the iPhone.

This technology developed by Apple is not one that the company does not want to share. With public APIs, developers can already use such features in their application.

Some of the applications in the App Store already have this kind of functionality to unlock information. The Revolut application is one of them for example. But these two new games bring another insight into what can be done with the Apple iPhone X 3D sensor.

Starting with  Rainbrow. This application reminds us of the typical “Fogger” game released in 1982, or even the best known and most recent  Crossy Road. The big difference is that you will control your character (which is a smile) with your eyebrows. You’ll just have to raise or lower your eyebrows, escape the obstacles and collect the coins.

Or another game with the name  Nose Zone makes use of it to direct the tip of the nose to the place indicated on the screen. The game is neither too much nor super addictive, but it is good to see that there are developers willing to increase the possibilities.

There are not many games with Face ID 3D sensor integration, though, it’s only a matter of time before this changes. I only see advantages to using such a sensor, especially if the application uses the front camera in some way.



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