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iPhone SE 2020 is Apple’s lifesaver! Know the reasons

Market research firm CINNO revealed data relating to Apple’s sales in China. The spectrum seems positive because in April, the apple company managed to reach 3.9 million units sold. Considering the COVID pandemic – 19, this is a good number for Apple.

However, this number would be much lower without the new iPhone SE 2020. CINNO confirmed that about 25% of Apple’s sales were made up of the new iPhone. It seems that, once again, Apple managed to conquer a part of the Asian market with a more “economical” iPhone.


This is the same story as the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. It was thanks to these more economical models that Apple was able to recover sales in China. The Asian market is extremely competitive and not even Apple could survive selling only the most expensive models.

Although it has no competition in terms of design and operating system, China is full of brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, Oppo and Vivo, among other smaller ones. Each of these brands is a competitor to Apple.

Apple is selling more online in China

Despite the pandemic have forced several stores and retailers to close, Apple appears to be benefiting from that factor. In April, one of China’s most popular retailers, Tmall, saw an increase of 40% in sales of iPhones compared to last year. Additionally, the sale of iPhones online increased 33%, from March to April.

Apple, one of the company’s biggest sources of income, is also performing well in China. About $ 1.5 billion was spent on Apple Music and iCloud in April, up 7% from March.

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