Home Smartphones These iPhone features may convince you to give up Android phones

These iPhone features may convince you to give up Android phones

This iPhone features may convince give up android phones

Android has the largest ecosystem for smartphone owners. Google’s mobile operating system, however, has been criticized for failing to bring in a long-term solution for its bug-infested software versions, even after updates are rolled out. As a result, a lot of Android owners are switching to iPhone.

Apple, time without number has mocked Android for its vulnerabilities. The California Company even blatantly made fun of Android’s performance through a string of ads released in May Below is the Video.

Below are the four iPhone features to convince you to abandon Android.

Timely software updates

A timely software update is not something that smartphone owners should take as a privilege. It is a right. Device manufacturers are expected to roll out security patches and software updates promptly to improve user experience and protect them.

Apple is known as very strict when it comes to security and privacy. Although loopholes are inevitable, the iPhone maker goes ahead of its competitors in the market regarding security—big thanks to its timely updates.


Bluetooth-enabled apps are popular for carrying files, photos, and videos between two devices. The iPhone users, however, do not need a third-party app with similar function because AirDrop makes transferring media contents as simple as ABC.

AirDrop allows you to seamlessly transfer large contents in bulk from an iPhone to a MacBook or any other Apple device. Although there is Dropbox, Google Drive, and other similar cloud apps, AirDrop as a built-in storage service is unprecedented.


Apple’s Handoff feature allows iPhone users to work on the device and finish it on another. Microsoft is just about to release its “pick up where you left off” feature through the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in September, while Google has no plans as of now to implement it on Android.


Apple’s instant messaging service is deemed the best. No other messaging apps can beat its features, not even WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. After Allo, Google is once again competing against iMessage with Android Messaging as announced in March.

iMessage is very useful in daily use. You can always pay someone via the service without needing to cross third-party apps. You can message a group of friends at once in the same conversation which, for Android users, may require a third-party app, unless you manually input a contact’s phone number into a conversation.

Android phones, on the other hand, have limited features. Each Android smartphone brand has its stock messaging service, mobile carriers have their own, and third-party messaging apps are endless.


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