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iPhone 2019 will be able to connect to two Bluetooth-accessories at once

One or more of this year’s iPhone models can connect to two Bluetooth accessories at the same time. For example, to two pairs of headphones at once.

The information appeared on the Japanese blog. As an example, the connection to the car and the AirPods are indicated at the same time, but other types of devices should be supported.

This technology will make life easier for fitness fans who do not have an Apple Watch. They can simultaneously use a fitness tracker and listen to music with wireless headphones. Another example: you can stream music from your smartphone to two speakers at once in your own or in different rooms.

Apple will not be the first to use this technology.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer support dual audio via Bluetooth, like the Huawei P20 Lite. This useful feature is part of the specification of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, announced three years ago in June 2016. The following 2017 Samsung (Galaxy S8) and Apple (iPhone X / 8/8 Plus) released smartphones with Bluetooth 5.0, however, on iPhone dual audio It was.

In other words, this technology is not exclusive to either Samsung or Apple.

Since the feature is part of Bluetooth 5.0, in the future it will appear on many smartphones. Apple uses Bluetooth 5 and for its smart speakers HomePod as well as the iPad Pro 2018, the new Mac mini, AirPods, iMac and Mac laptops.

Let’s see if the function will appear on all these devices, or will it become exclusive for iPhone 2019. The first option will be better.

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