iPhone 12 Pro Max fails to conquer in the first tests to its performance


Last Tuesday, Apple held its usual September event. This time, we did not have the revelation of new iPhones, but its A14 Bionic processor was officially presented with the new iPad Air.

A few days later, we have the first benchmark tests done on the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the results could be better. On the AnTuTu platform, Apple’s next flagship registered 572,333 points.

iPhone 12 Pro Max AnTuTu

iPhone 12 Pro Max lagged behind some competitors with the Snapdragon 865+

Apple has got us used to seeing its latest processors embarrass Android competition in this kind of tests. Unfortunately for the North American, this is not the case with the preliminary tests to its next top of the range.

Analyzing some of its Android competition, with the Snapdragon 865+ processor, we see some results above 600 thousand points. It is enough to say that the new A14 Bionic is far from convincing in its synthetic performance.

A14 Bionc brings a performance increase of 16%

In any case, the results obtained show that the new processor from Apple will be better than the one we can see in the iPhone 11 Pro. The results obtained in AnTuTu reveal an increase of about 16% compared to last year’s models.

Apple has promised a performance increase for the A14 Bionic of about 17% compared to its predecessor. we can say that the results known today are within what the American expects. Apparently, the new SoC is meeting the expectations outlined by the company that developed it.

On a final note, to stress that the iPhone 12 Pro Max tested is certainly still an unfinished version of the Device about to be presented. As soon as it reaches the market, it is possible that the values ​​on the same platform will rise. It remains to be seen whether enough to be the king of benchmarks again.

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