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iPhone 12: In France Apple is forced to give earphones with the new smartphones!

Apple made a drastic decision on the new iPhone 12. According to the company, this decision is made to help the planet, however, we all know that there is also the “profit” factor that Apple is not talking about.

Therefore, all new smartphones from Apple that are bought new (even the oldest ones), will arrive without the earphones and the charger in the box.

In France, Apple is obliged to give earphones with the iPhone 12

However, in France, there is a law that requires all manufacturers to give earphones with the sale of new smartphones. In other words, Apple has no choice but to offer EarPods in another box.

That way, when a customer buys a new iPhone in France, they will not only have the box with the smartphone, but they will also have another box to accommodate EarPods.

The iPhone 12 charger remains missing

Apple iPhone 12 Pro earphones

Still, Apple manages to save on chargers. Therefore, on the one hand the smartphone arrives only and only with a USB-lightning cable and on the other the EarPods.

This is an interesting measure and that more countries should think about implementing. The greed of big companies is plaguing customers. Decisions like these from Apple are the perfect example.

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If Apple really only wanted to help the planet, it might not include these accessories in the box, however, it would be offered to all customers who bought the iPhone 12 (or any iPhone) if they so wished. Something that does not happen.

In short, we sincerely hope that we will not see competitors following in the footsteps of the Cupertino company. Unfortunately, something tells me this will happen.

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