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IPadOS 14 Wish List Everything we want to see on iPad this year
IPadOS 14 Wish List Everything we want to see on iPad this year

IPadOS 14 Wish List: Everything we want to see on iPad this year

Last year Apple took a rather unexpected turn by releasing a special iOS version for the iPad called iPadOS. This new system derives from iOS, but from now on it will incorporate differential functions and in the next version we should see many more.

The iPad has improved a lot since iPadOS 13.4, thanks to the more complete support for mouse and trackpads. This premature release of that function, we all expected it in iPadOS 14, does not make us think that Apple has many surprises in store for this new version , and we have some wishes that we hope will be fulfilled.

Everything we want to see on iPadOS

Apple will present its new operating systems, such as iOS and iPadOS 14 , very soon. Next June 22 the WWDC 2020 is celebrated, this year online, and in it we will see all the news related to Apple software.

New multitasking

The Split View and Slide Over functions have been on the iPad for several years and are a good function for a touch system, however there is still some room for improvement, for example when it comes to having more display options for open apps in new sizes, or perhaps windows similar to those that we can see in macOS and desktop systems.

On the other hand, we can only use Split View and Slide Over with the apps we have in the dock , which means that sometimes you cannot find the app you want to use easily and you have to go to the home screen. Perhaps something similar to what we saw in this concept could greatly improve the experience.

Widgets on the home screen

Apple is rumored to be changing the home screen on iOS and iPadOS 14 with the addition of larger, more interactive icons. If the current icons are 1 × 1, we expect 1 × 2, 2 × 1, and 2 × 2 icons . These new icons will be a kind of widgets that show more information.

It is not confirmed but it is something that we would love to see, the iPad can already have fixed widgets on the home screen, but this would be one more step that would greatly change the user interface and the way of using the iPad.

External monitor support

One of those functions that we have been waiting for a long time, and that on the iPad makes a lot of sense. The processors that Apple incorporates in the iPad range are very powerful , so much so that in the last iPad Pro of 2020 there have been hardly any changes in this regard.

Apple could take advantage of this power to give the iPad an even more advanced use when you connect it to an external monitor. Thanks to the iPad Pro’s USB-C cable, you can mirror the screen anywhere, yet you only see that, an unsuitable mirroring. If Apple included an adapted version of iPadOS when connected to a monitor , in which the iPad acted as a trackpad and keyboard at the same time, perhaps the iPad would end up completely replacing a computer.

Professional applications

One of the most probable wishes according to rumors. The arrival of Magic Keyboard has revolutionized the concept of the iPad and Apple may be thinking of launching some of its professional applications for your tablet. Both Xcode and Final Cut Pro may have their own versions for iPadOS very soon.

This will allow to develop applications and edit videos in a similar way as we do in macOS , although its real power will have to be seen. This together with others already available such as Photoshop , will make the iPad a much more powerful working tool.

Mouse support improvements

It is true that the support for mouse and trackpad has improved a lot in iPadOS , it is also a support adapted to a touch interface that changes depending on what we need, however that does not mean that it cannot be improved.

One of the improvements that should come with iPadOS 14 is to access certain native elements of the iPad such as the Control Center or the Notification Center. The way you access it may not be very intuitive and they already have concepts that show how it could improve.

Let’s hope that Apple fulfills any of these wishes in iPadOS 14, a version that can be a before and after for the Apple tablet and that we are looking forward to seeing in action.

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