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iOS 13: windows of applications with detachable panels, new volume control, etc.

The iOS 13 update will narrow the gap between the mobile and the computer system by acquiring functions that have long been inherent in computers. These are application windows, detachable panels, etc.

In addition, the new version of the system will get rid of the old flaws, as an inconvenient volume control interface. New gestures will appear for undo/redo functions and other improvements.



People associated with the development of the operating system shared new exclusive details about it with the famous developer Gulermomo Rambo. Below we will tell about them.

Major changes iOS 13

  • Volume control: The comically inconvenient volume control interface in iOS has been slightly modified in iOS 11. With iOS 13, volume control will become much more convenient.
  • Improved “Hi, Siri “: The “Hi, Siri” function will be less likely to erroneously respond to sounds, such as laughter and a crying baby.
  • Cancel gesture: Now for the cancel function, you need to shake the smartphone, but this is inconvenient. For the first time such a gesture appeared on the iPod, and only then on the iPhone and iPad. However, many applications have alternative gestures that are responsible for the same function, which proves the inconvenience of the iOS gesture. In iOS 13 on the iPad, you will need to touch the keyboard with three fingers, and then choose to cancel or return. When the user first opens the keyboard, an instruction with a new gesture will appear on the screen. Most likely, over time, it will add to many applications.
  • Safari Changes: Safari on iPad will automatically open full versions of sites that look better. As a result, sites such as YouTube in Safari on the iPad will look more complete.
  • Mail Changes: In the Mail application, your emails will be automatically sorted into categories for easy retrieval. Among the categories will be shopping, advertising, travel, etc. In addition, a folder will appear “read later”, and you can add letters. c
  • Font Management: A new section devoted to fonts will appear in Settings. Now to install alternative fonts on the iPhone or iPad need a special profile.
  • Other: The Reminders application (which will appear in macOS) will be updated, support for several languages ​​for keyboard and dictation will be improved, and new printing options will appear in applications.

All of the above changes ring true. It’s all great, but it would be great to get and improve multitasking on the iPad.

IOS 13 changes for iPad

The report says that iOS 13 will include improvements exclusive to the iPad and applications for working with documents like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Applications on the iPad will support multiple windows, so you can work with several documents at once.

Each window will contain panels with tools that can be separated by a gesture of dragging. They will become cards that you can move around the screen as you like.

These cards can even be superimposed and brushed to close.

iOS 13 will also contain new gestures to select multiple objects at once, which is very convenient for applications with large amounts of data. With a few fingers, you can drag several selected objects, as in the Finder in macOS.

I wonder how well this will work. Now there is either no such function or it works as in Photo.

Codea iOS menus


In addition, developers can use different styles of the status bar (dark or light) for each side of the Split View mode. Split View mode in Marzipan based applications will be slightly modified. The window size can be changed by dragging the separator, and to reset it, you will need to touch it twice.

Most likely, Apple will make iOS and macOS more similar. So far, Marzipan applications are terrible, but the company is working on them exactly.

Concept video iOS 13

And now we invite you to watch a beautiful concept video from iOS 13, which shows various system improvements. Among them, a full Dark Mode, PiP mode on the iPhone, a camera with smart detection, support for multiple users on the iPad and much more.

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