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iOS 13 will unite Find iPhone and Find Friends

Apple is working on a new application, code-named “GreenTorch,” which will replace the Find iPhone and Find Friends apps. In essence, the company will simply combine these applications.

This will be an application based on the Marzipan system, which means it will work in both iOS and macOS. It will contain a new function “Find Network”, which will allow you to track your device, even when it is not connected to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. The function will be very useful, because thieves immediately turn off devices after theft, so that they cannot be traced.

The new application will allow you to keep track of all your relatives and friends in one place, as well as other devices like AirPods. Users will be able to mark their devices as lost and play sound on them for easy search.

What is interesting, along with the new Apple application is working on a new device. This will be a new tag called “B3898” with which the device can be tracked. If the device is too far from the tag, the user will receive a notification. It will be possible to customize locations where devices will not require a tag. The tag will store your contact information, which can be considered any iPhone or iPad.

It is not known when Apple will release a new gadget, and how much it will cost. Most likely, this will happen in October or September with the release of iOS 13. In any case, the success of a product strongly depends on its value.

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