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iOS 12 will share the location on emergency calls!

iOS 12 will share the location on emergency calls!
Apple iOS 12

Apple has announced a new feature, which will reach the iPhone with iOS 12! But most importantly, it has immense potential to save many lives!

In short, the iPhone from iOS 12 will automatically share the location during emergency calls in the United States.

This new feature is based on the Apple Hybridized Emergency Location (HELO) system that was launched in 2015. It uses mobile data, GPS and Wi-Fi hotspots to estimate the location of the phone.

In parallel, with the help of the company ‘RapidSOS’, the new system will be integrated with the existing software in the response centers. So allowing quick and secure sharing of location data! All to ensure a shorter response time.

iOS 12 will share the location on emergency calls!
Apple iOS 12


Apple has ensured that data shared in this manner can only be used in emergency situations, and that response centers will only have restricted access to the duration of the call.

The 9to5Mac site mentions that there is already an application called ‘RapidSOS Haven’ that allows the user to share the location with the emergency services. That said, iOS 12 will implement several features of this application, directly in the operating system.

Apple has added Advanced Mobile Location (AML) support to iOS 11.3, which automatically shares the user’s location in case of an emergency call, but only in countries that support the feature.

This new addition will make iPhones comply with an FCC rule, which requires mobile network providers to be able to locate their users within a 50m radius in at least 80% of the time by 2021.

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Apple boss pointed out batteries to the Android operating system before actually sharing the news regarding iOS 12.

Federighi has revealed that iOS 12 will focus on performance! And that will be compatible with all devices already running iOS 11. This is undoubtedly a huge user base to receive on your smartphone the new system from Apple.

Federighi says that applications will be launched 40% faster. On the keyboard, the launch speed increase will be around 50%. The camera will also be much faster, reaching 70% on older devices. This is because Apple has adjusted the application launch system. In parallel, the processor now always runs at full speed when it is charging.


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