iOS 12 Usage Rate Reached 46 Percent According to Mixpanels data

It can be said that iOS 12, published in the past month, is adopted more quickly than previous versions. Because figures show that a large number of serious user group has switched to the new version.

Previous iOS versions were slowly spreading regarding adoption. The reason for this is that Apple has included frustrating errors in the last few iOS versions. Promising to improve the user experience, Apple seems to have succeeded in iOS 12.

iOS 12 going to the record

The data collected by Mixpanel shows that iOS 12 is installed in 46% of iOS devices. This is almost the same as the iOS 11 update rate of 46.57%. Although tApple has not announced the official figures, we can say that it will overlap with the results of this research. But the important point here is that the iOS 12 can reach this percentage in just a few weeks and this is quite remarkable.

The comments of the iOS 12 update have been good, and it seems that Apple has promised to increase performance on older devices. Of course, no update is perfect because some iPhone X users with iOS 12 are experiencing charging problems. There are also users who are experiencing LTE problems, but it is not clear whether they are related to hardware or software.


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