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iOS 12 Beta 9: what has changed?

iOS 12 Beta 9 what has changed
Earlier today, Apple released the ninth beta version of iOS 12 for developers and members of the public beta testing program. Until the final release of iOS 12 there are several weeks, so the ninth beta, most likely, will be the penultimate.
The last few beta versions did not contain any significant changes, and the same goes for iOS 12 beta 9. It’s unlikely that Apple will introduce any new features or changes to iOS 12. The company focuses on eliminating all bugs and final touches.
iOS 12 beta 9 does not contain any changes. Even in terms of performance, the new beta corresponds to the previous one.
If you have not yet installed the beta version of iOS 12 on your device, then you can read about how it’s done hereThe ninth beta version is stable enough to install it on its main device.


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