Home NEWS Intel to roll out more 14nm processors to fight AMD

Intel to roll out more 14nm processors to fight AMD

Intel to roll out more 14nm processors to fight AMD

If Intel’s tick-tock launches had endured … The 14nm manufacturing process should have been used for only two micro-architectures, ‘Broadwell’ and ‘Skylake’! In which Broadwell should have been an incremental improvement of the 22nm process, and Skylake a completely new micro-architecture, using the now mature 14nm process.

However, Intel’s production lines started to have problems in 2015/2016 … And so, the 14nm process eventually became the basis of three more generations of processors! The seventh generation ‘Kaby Lake’, eighth generation ‘Coffee Lake’, and finally the current and ninth generation ‘Coffee Lake Refresh’.

The latest two even brought some long-awaited innovations, such as the increase in the number of cores … That’s clear after AMD released the first 8-core processors and 16 threads on the market.

However, it seems that Intel’s latest eight-core processors will not occupy the giant’s throne for a long time since there is already another developing micro-architecture, known as Comet Lake.

9th Gen intel Core Desktop Processors

Unfortunately, after an endless series of postponements, Intel’s 10-nm process should only give one its grace at the end of next year! Meanwhile, AMD may have released its series of processors based on the Zen 2 7nm architecture. (First units expected in December 2018.)

As usual, Intel has some fear of this new offer from AMD … After all, these 7nm processors are going to ‘get’ to the market. While Intel’s 10nm will only arrive in 2019 or who knows … 2020.

That’s why Intel wants to bet on its competitive edge, performance per core processing! By launching a new 10-core Comet Lake processor based on the 14nm process. However, specifications will hardly change compared to the old ‘Skylake’ processor design … That is, it should retain the same cache hierarchy, with 256KB of L2 cache per core, and 20MB of shared L3 cache.

After all, not everything is a sea of ​​roses on the AMD side

AMD’s first 7nm processors will be launched for the enterprise market, not for the consumer market …

At the same time, oddly enough, AMD’s CEO ‘Lisa Su’ has even tried to distance itself from questions about a release date of Ryzen 3000 products for the traditional consumer market … Will the new Ryzen will miss the planned release date?


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