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Intel Sunny Cove – Finally an architecture to end AMD!

Intel Sunny Cove - Finally an architecture to end AMD!

Intel Sunny Cove – For the first time in several years, it looks like Intel is focused on raising its processors’ CPI (Instructions Per Clock). In the background, architectural changes will allow you to execute more instructions in parallel for each processing cycle. In addition, Single-Thread tasks will also be faster.

Looking back on 2019, Intel unveiled its Sunny Cove architecture! The new generation of CPUs that will be produced by the process of 10nm, and that has as maximum objective, a very significant increase in the IPC!

To improve performance, this new architecture supports AVX-512 instructions. Similarly, accelerated vector operations will greatly increase the speed of neural networks as well as lend a hand in encryption and file compression.

Intel Sunny Cove – A 75% increase is expected on these specific tasks!

Of course processing more instructions, need more cache space! Therefore, both the first and the second level now have 50% more memory. (May vary by CPU target market.)

To further improve the processing of parallel tasks, Intel added even more ‘backup stations’ to pass the instructions, doubling their number, compared to the previous generation. Thus, 5 instructions can be sent per cycle, while the Skylake architecture only gets 4.

Skylake Reminder Suny Cove

Well, the Skylake processors can manage two loads at the same time, as well as maintain a standby operation for each processing cycle … This, while the new Intel Sunny Cove architecture will be capable of two loads, and two operations in wait. 

However, the most interesting in the middle of it all is memory addressing! It’s that both AMD and Intel have switched to 64-bits in 2003 … However, so far, they’ve only used 48 bits!

Now, this is going to change, with 4PB of memory possible via 52-bit addressing. In parallel, virtual memory addresses expand to the 57-bits, allowing 128PB.

Of course this change means nothing to the processors for the traditional consumer market … But for the server market and artificial intelligence, it can be a game changer.

Intel Sunny Cove – Release Date The first Intel Sunny Cove processors will hit the market in the second half of next year! What do you think about this? Will break the momentum of AMD? Share your opinion with us!


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