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Instagram’s Tanned Egg Becomes Suicide Prevention Story

The Talking Egg

Remember the egg that surpassed the mark hit by model Kylie Jenner and became the most tanned photo in the history of Instagram? After becoming a huge viral in early January, he now returned to the media with a positive message to his followers.

Since January 18, the account has posted photos showing the cracking egg, which culminated in a video this Sunday (3), virtually a month after the first post. In the video, we see the egg cracking because of “social media pressure”, revealing a message stating that those who felt a similar pressure did not have to face it alone and that they could seek help

The video then directs people to the site www.talkingegg.info, where there is a compilation of various links to websites of organizations and government agencies aimed at helping people with mental health problems – Prior to being posted on Instagram, the egg video was first released on Sunday (3) during the coverage of the Superbowl LIII made by the Hulu streaming service .

According to a BBC report, the idea was not from the start to create something for mental health. The project started simply as an attempt to get as many likes as possible without any compromise, but because of the virtualization and popularity that the business reached, the creator thought it would be important to use the profile for a good cause.

Twitter The Talking Egg

Thus, according to a tweet from Mental Health America, the organization was sought by the account’s creator to help turn the egg viral into a tool for spreading to mental health organizations, and they had no influence on the creation of the account.


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