Instagram will support third-party applications for authentication, etc.
Instagram wants to make sure that it provides many different tools to ensure the safety of users. She wants to achieve this by providing the opportunity to get more information about other people’s profiles and by supporting third-party applications for secure authentication.
Today the company officially announced the release of three new features that will appear from this week. Two of them will provide more information about accounts, both foreign and their own, and the third will provide an additional version of two-factor authentication.
“About this account” is a new feature that will allow people to get more information about specific accounts. When the function appears at all, users will be able to go to the profile, click “…” and select the option “About this account”. The screen displays the country where the account was created, the history of user changes, the date the profile was created, and so on.
Our community has given us to understand that it is important for them to have the opportunity to learn in more detail the profiles of people who address them. Especially it concerns accounts with information about events or political and social problems. If you stumbled into Instagram to an account that violates the rules of the service, you can report it to us.
A tick in Instagram means that the account has been checked, and thus it becomes more official. Now users will be able to send a verification request.
To open the verification request form, go to your profile, click the menu icon, select “Settings”, and then “Request confirmation”. You will need to provide your user name, full name and a copy of the documents. This information will not be publicly available.
The fact that the user sends a confirmation request does not guarantee that the profile will be verified.
And now about supporting third-party applications for authentication. It means that you will have an additional option of two-factor authentication, which will provide another level of security.
To use a third-party app to sign in to your account, go to your profile, click the menu icon, select “Settings”, and then “Two-factor authentication”. If you already have a suitable application installed, we will find it ourselves and send the code to it. Open this application, remember the code, and then enter it into Instagram Two-factor authentication will be enabled automatically. If you do not already have an app, you’ll be sent to the App Store or the Google Play Store where you can download it. After installation, return to Instagram to continue the setup.
New features will appear in users in the coming weeks. Such changes will be well received by users. Get a checkmark now will be easier, as well as logging into your account.


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