Instagram update on iOS allows posting to multiple accounts at once

The new Instagram update will allow what they call “regram automatic“, ie post and repost the same update in the feed of multiple accounts simultaneously. The change has been occurring gradually and for the time being only for app users on iOS, but some people should already notice an account selector option when composing a new post.

According to a company spokesman, Instagram “is making this new feature available to provide a better experience for people who commonly post to multiple accounts.” There are restrictions though: this “regram automatic” only allows own posts, still making it impossible for you to “reposte” content that you do not own.

The function of posting to several accounts can be activated and deactivated in the same final screen where the text is written for the post caption, soon after choosing the photo from the iPhone gallery and making the appropriate edits and inclusions of filters . Just below where the location is selected, the option “Publish to other accounts” appears, with the option to select or deactivate the ones you want.


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