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Instagram gets new video functionality you’ll love!

Instagram is most likely from the social networks that have gained more popularity over the last few years. Being that one of the main factors of its growth was, the constant introduction of new functionalities.

The last months have been frantic for the developers team of  this application, with the arrival of numerous new features. One of the sections that has received more news is “Instagram Direct”.

This is one of the most recent sections of the social network, which has enabled users to send private text messages. However, nowadays this platform of messages already leaves to do much more.

Instagram Direct now gets new brutal video functionality

Over the past few months its capabilities as a messaging platform have received major improvements. It introduced the possibility of making voice calls, and more recently also the ability to make video calls.

What’s more, video calls have gained a new feature that you’ll love! With the new update, you’ll be able to make group video calls. The whole process is very simple, after starting a video call, just  swipe up, and choose the friend you want to add to the call.Now you can add people to an ongoing video chat in Direct. Just swipe up while you’re chatting to add more friends and keep the conversation going.

With the huge popularity gained by the social network during this year, more and more its users use the social network to talk with their friends. So with this new feature, you’ll be able to make video calls with up to 3 friends simultaneously.

Finally, once established as a brilliant platform to share photos captured with the smartphone, has presented a phenomenal evolution. So, over the last 8 years, this social network has undergone an incredible metamorphosis, and everything indicates that it is just beginning.

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