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Instagram announces long-running video platform

Instagram announces long-running video platform

Rumors that Instagram would launch its own long-running video platform were confirmed by the company on Wednesday (20) with the announcement of IGTV.

The service is the platform’s new strategy – and Facebook’s – to compete with YouTube and allow creators to upload long-lasting videos to their followers. The Instagram timeline will also allow larger videos, up to an hour long.

According to the company, IGTV is designed specifically for smartphones, so it will have content in the vertical and full screen. To access IGTV, users will have a new dedicated button on Instagram’s main screen, but a new independent IGTV app will also be released –  highlighting more relevant creators for the user on the first page and for profiles that the user already follows on Instagram .

Any Instagram user can access and create content on IGTV. Like YouTube, users can create content on placements.

For now, IGTV will not have commercials in the videos, but it is expected that the platform will not take long to start monetizing. The creators will also not be paid directly by IGTV, but will have opportunities to generate revenue through their content in the future.


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