Infinity Blade Trilogy Games Have Sale Discontinued by Epic Games

Series of RPGs produced by Epic Games, the Infinity Blade franchise are no longer available through the Apple App Store, the App Store.

In a statement,  Epic Games said development of other projects, including Spyjinx, made it “difficult” to continue supporting all three games in the series, prompting the company to decide to suspend its sales.

” The Infinity Blade series will always have a special place for me and Epic as a whole, ” said Donald Mustard , global creative director. ” It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye, but we’re excited about Spyjinx and the future .”

Players who have already purchased the Infinity Blade trilogy games will still have access to the trio download on any device – but only from the account in which they were purchased.

Epic Games will continue to update Infinity Blade 3 over the next month, but it’s not certain what the future of the series will look like from then on.


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