Qualcomm got Apple iPhone band from the world's largest market

Just a week after starting the beta tests of iOS 12.1.2, Apple decided to officially launch it for all compatible iPhone and iPad models on Monday (17).

Because it is a point-point upgrade, the new version brings few changes to the system, the main ones being a fix for the eSIM activation system on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS, in addition to a failure that affected the network signal cell phones in Turkey.

The quick launch of the update is a kind of Apple’s response to a patent lawsuit filed by Qualcomm against the company, which resulted in some iPhone models being banned from China. This is because, in addition to the above corrections, the update also removes from the Chinese smartphones the features that Qualcomm claims to belong to the company’s patents that have been violated by Apple.

The update is being released gradually, but all users should be with it on their handsets over the next few days.


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