In iOS 12 beta 11, you can delete all notifications in one gesture

In iOS 12 beta 11, which was released yesterday for developers and public beta testers, you can finally delete all notifications in one gesture, even on models without 3D Touch support.

In previous beta versions, you had to click the “x” icon to display the “Delete All” button. In iOS 12 beta 11, the “x” icon can be simply clamped to open the same button.
It’s very simple and convenient. This method does not work on the iPhone with 3D Touch, but you can temporarily disable 3D Touch in Settings to activate this gesture.
Interestingly, many 3D Touch functions have been added to models without technology support. Among them, the ability to turn the keyboard into a trackpad, the ability to scan documents from home screen and QR code through the Camera.
Perhaps, this means that the 3D Touch technology did not meet the expectations of the company. There are rumours that Apple will even completely abandon it by 2019.
Among other changes iOS 12 beta 11 – the ability to view all applications specific developer in the App Store, improve the application Maps, etc.


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