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Images from the OPPO smartwatch, make us wish it was the OnePlus watch

This will not be the first OPPO smartwatch, however, it will be one of the next. The images show a watch similar to the Apple Watch, however, which is expected to go on the market with a seriously more appealing price and compatibility with iOS and Android.

OnePlus, in turn, still did not reveal any smartwatch. Since OnePlus and OPPO are part of the same company, BBK Eletronics, it would be interesting if one day we saw this watch as a OnePlus gadget.

OnePlus and OPPO have been working together for a few years

OPPO Watch

BBK Eletroconics also owns Realme and Vivo, however, it is at OnePlus and OPPO that we see greater synergy. OnePlus has used OPPO smartphones like OnePlus in the past. The OnePlus 5T or 6 is an example of this.

OPPO Watch

As other manufacturers have been doing recently, OnePlus changes the brand name, introduces its software inside the terminal and sells the device as if was truly yours.

OPPO Watch

Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with that, I’d just like to see this kind of synergy in smartwatches. It is high time that we saw such a gadget from OnePlus. In fact, I always thought that a smartwatch arrived before a smart television and that was not the case.

OPPO has officially entered Portugal

Still, it is not bad that OPPO reveals new gadgets to us. If until now we could only dream of having branded Device in our country. Or else we bought on websites from China, now the brand is officially in Portugal.

Although we don’t have all the gadgets we see in Asia, OPPO’s portfolio in Portugal is growing and partnerships are starting to exist. In fact, the brand made official yesterday that its Device would arrive at Vodafone officially.

Hopefully, this new smartwatch will reach our market. The wearables segment has grown and having greater competition only makes the price even more competitive.

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