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iFixit Dismantled Apple Watch 4 reveals its secrets
Dismantled Apple Watch 4

iFixit Dismantled Apple Watch 4 reveals its secrets

The new Apple Watch 4 or “Series 4” is one of the most captivating products of American technology. Therefore, as soon as possible the repair company, iFixit, has already dismantled this product, revealing its secrets.

Having arrived along with the new generation of iPhone’s, the smart accessory presents serious improvements for 2018. In this sense, we have a bigger screen as well as an enhanced processing capacity and much more …

Needless to say, the new Apple Watch 4 is already quite popular with the masses, a fact that did not go unnoticed by iFixit. In this sense the company has already had the opportunity to disassemble it, thus revealing everything that makes it up.

That said, for all curious and technology enthusiasts, iFixit now shows us what’s inside one of these watches. Well, here we have the 44mm Apple Watch 4, so the larger model for 2018.

IFixit has dismantled the new Apple Watch 4

Firstly, according to iFixit, a single tool is enough to remove the LTPO OLED Retina display. In other words, although it is not easy, it is possible to replace only the screen of the new watch, of course, by professionals specialized in the field. In its interior we have a trio of cables and connections that connect the screen to the main circuit but which make access to the battery difficult. Secondly, all the components are firm with tiny screws, something that no doubt makes the repair process a tricky task.

Dismantled Apple Watch 4 by iFixit

The disassembly process carried out by iFixit also found a slightly larger battery in the new generation. In this sense we have here a cell of 291.8 mAh that should give you an autonomy for up to 18 hours with a single charge.

Thirdly we also have a new processor, the S4, and now consists of two processing cores. Moreover, something that facilitates its repair is the modular configuration of most of the components, processor included.

In short, iFixit has finally assigned a reparability index of 6 possible values to the new Apple Watch 4.

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