Hundreds of accounts in Instagram have been hacked in the last few days
If you have problems accessing your account in Instagram, you are not alone. Over the past few days, hundreds of users have reported that their accounts have been hacked. The hacking began in Russia.
At first, users noticed that the application did not save their account, and when they tried to access it, they again received a message stating that there is no account with that username. Then users began to notice that the photo of their profile changed to another, like the e-mail and the attached phone number. All hacked accounts became attached to the email address with “.ru”.
Since early August, hundreds of accounts have been hacked. Over the last week, 5000 tweets from 899 users appeared that they were hacked into Instagram.
In its official statement Instagram company wrote the following:
We are working hard to ensure the safety of our users. When we are informed of a hacking of an account, we block it so that users can reset their password and restore their account.
What should I do?
If your account in Instagram has been hacked, you need to restore it. If you have not touched the problem yet, we recommend using two-factor authentication Instagram. This will not make your account 100% secure, but the measures will not be superfluous. Users report that even with two-factor authentication, their accounts have been hacked.
Most likely, Facebook, which owns Instagram, will fix this problem in the near future and offer a new solution.


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