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Huawei’s smart Panoramic camera launched in China: Price and Features


Today Huawei officially announced in China the smart version of the panoramic camera Huawei Panoramic Camera at a price of 299 yuan, which correspond to about 39 euros at the current exchange rate.

Compared to the original, this smart version is equipped with a built-in rotary engine that can control the camera’s direction up, down, left and right to frame whatever you want.

The panoramic camera from Huawei supports fixed-point and time-lapse shooting and equips the HiSilicon 3516E V100 chip, which offers considerable processing capacity and collaborates with the new coding technology to provide a more uniform viewing under the same conditions network, providing clear images using less bandwidth.

According to the official introduction, with the same pixel and bit rate the new video encoding technology allows to halve the occupied storage space compared to the traditional H.264 encoding, moreover  the smart version of the panoramic camera Huawei supports the technology digital wide dynamic, which greatly improves the image quality in low light and backlight conditions.

Huawei Smart Panoramic Camera
Huawei Smart Panoramic Camera

Finally, it is possible to activate the human detection function that intelligently analyzes the contours of a person’s figure to identify possible intruders and send alarm information in time to deal with the risk of home theft.

Huawei Panoramic Camera can also intelligently identify a child who cries and promptly warns parents or baby sitters.


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