Home NEWS Huawei wants to beat Samsung by launching a folding mobile phone first!

Huawei wants to beat Samsung by launching a folding mobile phone first!

Huawei wants to beat Samsung by launching a folding mobile phone first!

Last week, Samsung Mobile CEO ‘DJ Koh’ said that ‘ the time has come to deliver on the promise. “Speaking clearly of the launch of the world’s first foldable screen phone in 2019.

However, Huawei has something to say about this … Since you are already planning to launch something in the next “12 months”!

Although LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, and other manufacturers are also developing mobile phones with this technology, Samsung always said in a nutshell that it would be the first to hit the market with a mobile phone of this type!

That said, several rumors in recent months point to Huawei as a big rival in this race!. Namely after it has concluded an agreement with Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE) to provide the flexible OLED panels.

All with the aim of getting into the market as early as 2019!


The CEO of Huawei ‘Richard Yu’ has already spoken publicly on this subject!

Telling the German newspaper ‘Die Welt’ that the company is already working hard on its technology to develop a foldable mobile phone. Emphasizing that ” You will not need to wait another year “!

That said, while the CEO was quite cautious to talk about the details of this device, mentioned that its purpose is to try to replace the current desktop PCs.

“Why are you still using a computer? Probably because the screen is too small for you! We’re going to change that. After all, it is quite possible for a screen to be folded. “

This is exciting news, and very good for the industry! After all, more competition is always an excellent signal to the consumer! However, all this may just be a marketing move to put the name of Huawei in the mouths of the world … Or even a translation error, since a smartphone capable of replacing a desktop in 2019 is very unlikely.

In short, it’s not just an attempt to steal the number one maker of smartphones from Samsung!

But also in parallel, an effort to further increase the distance between Huawei and Apple! After the first one was able to surpass the company of the apple at the end of last July.

Which probably explains why Huawei has revealed its plans so close to the launch of the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr … However, the focus of the Chinese giant will continue in its plans to launch mobile phones capable of supporting 5G networks with its new SoC Kirin 980.


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