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Huawei: The drama continues! Two officials detained in Poland

All the drama around Huawei seems to have no end in sight, quite the opposite. Following recent news that Norway could also ban the brand of 5G network development in the country, there are more problems.

This time the bad news comes from Poland, where two individuals were arrested by police suspected of spying for the Chinese government. One is Huawei’s head of sales in Poland, while the second is a Polish citizen, an employee of Orange Polska.

It is important to note that this operator has a very strong connection to Huawei, after working together to develop the 5G network in the country. In addition, with respect to the individuals in question, various information that supports the suspicions arise.

Huawei returns to ‘victim’ of attacks in Europe

As for the Huawei employee, he quickly bursts the fact that before joining the manufacturer in 2011, he worked for the Chinese consulate in Poland. Confirming strong links with the Chinese government. In turn, the Orange Polska employee worked for the Internal Security Services. From where he was fired for allegations of corruption.

In order to further support these detentions, they refer to a law that was passed in China in 2017. This law mandates that Chinese organizations and citizens must support, collaborate and cooperate with various government institutions. Therefore, Huawei’s strong ties with the Chinese government continue to create serious suspicions.


So far, no concrete evidence has been released to substantiate these allegations of espionage. However, the private homes of both individuals have already been searched, as have the offices of Huawei and Orange. In the event of irrefutable evidence, both may face sentences of up to 10 years in prison.

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