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Huawei successfully tests 5G networks in Brazil


Huawei recently tested 5G networks in Brazil, along with the country’s 4 largest telcos: Telmex, Oi, Vivo and Vivendi. The tests had very positive results, according to technical director Nicolas Driesen.

However, Driesen said that other countries in South America are “ahead” of Brazil. Mexico and Uruguay were used as examples, and in the latter the 5G is already implemented this April.

Driesen predicts that if Brazil continues in this direction, it will be able to be on the same level as neighboring countries in 2020. In this case, in relation to telecommunications infrastructures.

South America presents a challenge for Huawei

Driesen says it will be difficult for Huawei to implement infrastructure in South American countries. However, given the company’s roots, it will be an interesting challenge. After all, Huawei began by implementing communication infrastructures in rural China in the 1980s.

The technical director also explained that Huawei’s technologies can be competitive because the company can reuse equipment from previous generations. This type of operation with lower costs is very attractive for countries that want 5G implementing in their territory.

Competitive companies such as Nokia and Ericsson have also kept Latin American countries ‘under the eye’. With Huawei still recovering from problems with the United States, it is still unclear whether the Chinese company will be able to secure contracts in the territories mentioned.


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