Huawei receives fine of 9 million euros in the United States

The Chinese manufacturer has had a very complicated life in the United States. After being forced to leave the market, Huawei’s problems seem to have no end. She has now been found guilty in a patent case.

The growth of Huawei globally has been simply incredible. Most likely that’s the only reason why all the problems in the United States have not weakened the world’s 2nd largest manufacturer.

All patents you have infringed are related to 4G LTE technologies. Apparently, since 2014 that PanOptis company has tried to contact the Chinese manufacturer to resolve these disputes in a friendly way.

The company was even willing to proceed with a reasonable offer so that Huawei could continue to use these technologies on American soil without any problem. However, after more than 3 years, despite multiple attempts to contact the manufacturer has always refused to respond to requests from PanOptics.

Huawei may take another “stab” from the United States with a fine of 9 million euros

As such, the company had no alternative but to initiate legal proceedings in the US courts. It ended up being found guilty in the infringement of all 5 patents mentioned in the process.

All patents are related to the 4G LTE connection used in consumer devices. But quite curiously, it seems that the only smartphones referred to in the process are the Nexus 6P, Mate 9 and P8 Lite. Most probably in the other smartphones, ended up using another type of technology.

It is virtually guaranteed that Huawei will appeal the decision, but in case it is not successful, you will need to pay a hefty fine. The court’s final verdict has ruled that the Chinese giant must pay a fine of 9 million euros to PanOptis.

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It may not seem like such a high amount to a company like Huawei. However, considering all the damage that has already come from the United States, surely they will do everything in their power to not lose another cent.


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