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Huawei prohibits communication between Chinese and American officials

The current trade war between the United States and China has put Huawei in another dilemma: how to seek internal communication with its own American officials? For now, the company has ordered its Chinese employees not to attend technical meetings with their colleagues in the US, in addition to “sending home” American employees employed.

Dang Wenshuan, Huawei’s chief strategy architect, told the Financial Times that the company also limited general (and not just technical) communications between its Chinese and US workers. The move comes as the Chinese giant struggles to comply with US-imposed laws.

Huawei is also controlling the interaction issues that campus staff members have with foreign visitors. Talks can not touch technology-related topics, the Financial Times report said.

It is not yet clear how export controls can impose disruption of internal communications within an organization. Huawei could be using this tactic as a bargaining chip, showing the US that its own citizens are being harmed by its policies. It is worth remembering that with Huawei’s entry into such a list, a number of companies, including chip makers and giants like Google and Microsoft, have made significant changes to their business deals with Huawei.

In recent weeks, several Huawei executives have voiced their concern about the US government’s interference in their business. Meanwhile, the company has also explored ways to combat it by entering a legal action to challenge the US ban, calling it “unconstitutional.”

At stake is the future of one of the largest providers of smartphones and networking Device in the world. A significant part of the company’s business comes from outside China. For smartphones, one of its core businesses, the company says it is already working on an operating system that does not rely on technologies from US companies.

In mid-May, the US government offered some relief to Huawei by granting a 90-day temporary general export license, which allows companies like Google to continue providing essential support to the Chinese company in the period.

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