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Huawei points to Apple and Samsung and says it does not delay anything

Huawei points to Apple and Samsung and says it does not delay anything

Two days ago the Competition Authority in Italy fined Apple and Samsung $ 15 million for a “complex investigation” in which both companies were forced to implement updates on users who, unbeknown to them, slowed down the older hardware. In theory, this could lead people to migrate to more recent equipment and work better.

A peck on Twitter at Apple and Samsung but that was not the only one

Now Huawei, who is currently number two in the world and wants to be number one, has not missed the chance to send a peck at his rivals. So he tweeted his English account. In practice, this manufacturer claims that “never” would decelerate mobile phones “to force an upgrade”.

In addition, they took the opportunity to publicize the new Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro and above all the speed of these tops range. They also took advantage of the hashtags “BornFastStaysFast” and “NeverSlowDown”.

Huawei Mobile UK

This is not the first time Huawei has been targeting rivals. In March, before the announcement of the P20 Pro, Huawei parked lorries outside the Samsung and Apple stores in England promoting their smartphone.

Later in September, the Chinese company took charge of distributing free powerbanks to customers waiting for the new XS iPhone models.

More recently, Apple was targeted at the presentation of Mate 20 Pro. In this officialization came a picture of a Mate 20 Pro to load the iPhone XS Max through the new wireless loading functionality.

An intense fight between manufacturers

In fact, the fight between manufacturers is getting very intense. It is a case to say that the wars of football already seem. Yet none of this is surprising. Nowadays it is almost a necessity given the large number of devices that exist in the market.

These Huawei pips do not come by chance and are part of a global growth strategy. In this sense, many campaigns have been done to increase awareness, collaborations with actors, presence in international fairs and more. This has not started now and in fact has been the work of years. Here are the main highlights:

1 – Campaigns to increase brand awareness

Huawei did not just want to enter the market with functional products, instead, it focused a lot on growing its brand! And for that, the company knew it had to win ‘Hype’ in local markets and create ‘out-of-the-box’ content, and so decided to create the ‘ Huawei Best Wei ‘ campaign. The idea was to bring together local talent, to create creative and engaging content to grab the target audience.

2. Collaborations with movie celebrities

Huawei has had a number of successful collaborations in the past! Among these we can specify the Huawei P9, with Henry Cavill (Superman) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow).

The commercial underscored the photographic capabilities of the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus 12MP cameras. With Henry Cavill representing the monochrome features, while Scarlett Johansson represented the color part.

In short,  this type of celebrity has a completely massive number of followers!  So it is certain that a well-produced commercial will ensure a good boost in brand popularity.

3. Presentation of products at international fairs


One of the secrets of Huawei’s success lies in the presentation of its products in large-scale conventions.

That is, in recent years, Huawei has been present at international fairs such as the Mobile World Congress (MWC), with a wide variety of activities or presentations.

In parallel, during these events, the company does not miss any opportunity to interact with partners or operators in order to discuss the future of the mobile industry, even advising other companies how they can take their business further.

In short, this type of event is a great way to increase a brand’s popularity, to promote new products, and perhaps more importantly, to show a wide audience all the innovations and achievements of the company.

4. 44 million Facebook followers due to the publication of appealing and creative posts.

The online success of Huawei can be very well attributed to the publications in its pages in the social networks!

That is, by maintaining consistency and ensuring that all pages are up-to-date, the brand gets many fans to interact with posts, via comments, shares, or identifications.

Not to mention the many hobbies he does, both on his official pages and in partnership with other media.

And of course … The barbs that we have already talked about and that sends to the rivals in the social networks, or even in the events of the launching of these!

5. High profile advertising on the ground!

High profile advertising on the ground!


In Europe … Huawei is everywhere!

It is impossible to visit a European city without seeing a giant Huawei ad. Incidentally, if you are going to see a football game and do not see the Huawei logo, maybe you need glasses urgently! For the brand has strategic partnerships with several top clubs, such as Arsenal, AC Milan or Benfica in Portugal. Similarly, it also has partnerships with world sports stars, such as Lionel Messi.


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