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Huawei patent technology for smartwatch with touch-pad

Huawei patent technology for smartwatch with touch-pad

The wearables market no longer has the strength it held a few years ago. It was the year 2015 when we saw a huge growth in the best of several technological companies in this segment. It was common to see companies like LG, Samsung, Huawei or even other lesser-known brands presenting a smartwatch.

At that time we seemed to believe that this could be the future of mobile technology. An extension of our smartphone to our wrist. However, after these years technology has not evolved what is necessary. Everything has been practically the same and the user has lost interest in this market.

But there are still some companies that continue to bet on it. Apple and Samsung are the hottest names they still invest in developing a smartwatch. But Huawei also seems to be interested in such devices.

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Last year, on the occasion of MWC 2017, the Chinese company introduced us the second generation of its Huawei Watch. A wearable one that has changed drastically in the face of the philosophy of its predecessor, being now much more aimed at sports lovers, with technologies developed to think especially in these.

For the future, the Chinese company will also want to reshape the appearance and functionality of its products. A recently submitted patent at the World Intellectual Property Organization shows us a smartwatch whose ring will be touch sensitive.

Huawei is thinking of a way to revolutionize its concept of smartwatch

Areas reserved for touch-sensitive features will support various types of features. Huawei has patented their ability to withstand touches, swipes, pressure and navigation. As you can see, a whole gamut of possibilities for the vast majority of functions normally associated with such devices.From the information provided this new device will have eight symmetrically separated zones that can accommodate the areas intended for touch. Already the upper and lower zones of the ring of this possible smartwatch could be reserved for physical buttons.

This kind of technology reminds me of Samsung’s approach to their rotating hoops. However, South Korean technology essentially serves to navigate through its interface. Already this new technology from Huawei would allow you to include a much wider range of possibilities.

Finally, it should be recalled that the submission of a patent is never a guarantee of a new product based on it. Only the idea for future use is safeguarded without others being able to get ahead and reap the rewards.


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