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Huawei patent reveals future smartphone screens

Huawei patent reveals future smartphone screens

Huawei is one of the fastest growing companies in the smartphone world in recent years. The company was already big in the technological infrastructures, however, the investment in the mobile sector has been shown correctly.

With big sales come great responsibilities. Huawei is not perfect at all. Just yesterday was confirmed by the brand that the Huawei P9 would not receive the Android Oreo update. A huge flaw, given that the smartphone came out in 2016 to market.

However, today we have more lively news. The Let’s Go Digital website has achieved an image that reveals a new technology from Huawei to the screen of its smartphones.

The margins of Huawei smartphone screens will continue to decline

The patent gives us the idea that the Chinese brand is considering changing the format of construction of their equipment. Instead of locking the screen between the sides of the smartphone, the patent shows the screen to fit over the back.

This would mean an almost borderless terminal. We see that the device would have the top and bottom very reduced and the side margins would disappear.

Of course with this patent come the issues. To what extent would the terminal not be much more fragile? Could Huawei build a smartphone with this technology more without taking off? Could you resist water and dust?

Huawei Full-Screen Smartphone


Being that the image reveals a patent does not properly mean that the Asian company will bring this new format to their equipment.

It does mean that the brand spent money on the registration and development of this technology, so we must be aware of how this can become a reality.

Today we had the first information leak of the alleged Huawei Mate 20 and apparently the brand is trying to reduce margins at all costs, so it is likely that such a patent may one day come true.


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