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Huawei P20 will have more “stretched” screen than the Samsung Galaxy S9

Huawei P20

The Huawei P20 will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, dates identical to the Samsung Galaxy S9. Both top of the range should be revealed at the fair in Barcelona that happens already at the end of next month.

The new terminals are giving talks. On the side of Samsung, we will have a terminal with a design identical to the lines of the predecessor, giving continuity to the quality of construction and design. Huawei will have to significantly change the lines of your device.

Rumor has it that the Huawei P20 will come with state-of-the-art specifications. The terminal should be inspired by the latest Mate 10 Pro, a terminal launched late last year.

The Mate 10 Pro was the first to bring an 18: 9 screen with fine, elegant margins. As new devices are introduced we begin to realize that this is the way forward. Today we have new information about the upcoming Huawei P20. According to BenchMark tests, the P20 will have an 18.7: 9 screen and a resolution of 1,080 x 2,244px

Huawei P20 and Samsung Galaxy S9 are the most anticipated of the beginning of 2018

This means that Huawei will not give us a QHD screen, however, it will offer a smartphone with a more “stretched” screen than the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Huawei P20-benchmarks-Androidvillaz
Resolution 360 x 748px. Browser resolution is always 1/3 that of the smartphone

So far the Galaxy S8 is the Android device that offers a larger screen size compared to the frames of the device. The Samsung terminal is only surpassed by the Apple iPhone X which gives us 19.5: 9. We have to take into account only that in the iPhone X we have the corners next to the monocle, so these accounts are not exactly the best.

With the P20 offering 18.7: 9, it should be the Android device with the most ratio in the market. Huawei has already shown that this year 2018 will not be for play and intends to attack competitors seriously.

We also have to take into account that the rumors indicate that Huawei will use a ” monocle” on the Huawei P20. Therefore, the accounts should be made the same way we do in the Apple terminal. The Huawei P20 screen may be the most “stretched” however, it may not be the one that gives us the most working area.

The device will be unveiled next month and it is likely that we will have more information on specifications and design by then. In this information, we also confirm that the Stay tuned.


  1. Nice.. Hawaii device are always awesome..
    Let’s wait until it’s launched and the full specifications as well..
    Am current.

  2. Wow! Incredible news about Huawei, launching a new device.. Gonna be following the blog to know when they’ll upload the specifications. Thanks


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