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Huawei P11 will have identical construction to Samsung Galaxy S9

This is a new video based on Huawei P11 CAD drawings. It is a beautiful concept design that draws inspiration from the latest rumors and information leaks around this device. Now for the concept creator channel, this top of the range will also be similar to Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +. A beautiful “sandwich ” made of glass and metal.

Truth be told, few building materials mirror the premium feeling as sleek and cold metal as well. Accompanied, of course, by the glass that gives some lightness to the whole structure and the general appearance of the device. Not forgetting, of course, the notch there iPhone X.

At this moment the range of Huawei P11 smartphone is already one of the most anticipated for the Mobile World Congress 2018. There, on the Mediterranean coast, will be presented the new top of Chinese range. Will face heavyweights like the LG G7 and of course, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 +. With the latter, you should share the building materials.

Huawei P11 and Samsung Galaxy S9 will arrive in February

Now for 2018, we are faced with this hypothesis. The Huawei P11 may, based on the rumors, be constructed of glass and metal. In this way, it would abandon the metal that has come to characterize its lines of high range. Both P10 and P10 Plus used only the metal.Indeed, metal and glass seem to be one of the most popular solutions of recent times. Since we get to know the Galaxy S8 we are delighted with its elegance. Something that Huawei Honor 9 also knew how to explore, among others like the Apple iPhone X.

However, even the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro are already built mostly in glass. Material complemented by a metal frame for extra strength. It is undoubtedly undeniable the growing popularity and influence of this Chinese brand. The rumors are becoming more and more consistent, something that tells us the proximity of their presentation.

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