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Huawei P10 is finally receiving the Android Oreo update


There are many Huawei P10 users who are not exactly happy about the time it takes to upgrade from their smartphone to Android Oreo. However, everything is about to change.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus users had the opportunity to join the Beta group of Google’s Android Oreo update. Like any Beta, the operating system was experiencing flaws in usage and settings.

It seems that the Chinese brand was able to arrange everything that had to be done and the update Android Oreo is a few days (hopefully) of all users worldwide.

I say “let’s hope” because the update was only operational in the Philippines. Until the update is released in every country in the world it will take time.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Android Oreo

There are not many visual changes in EMUI for Android Oreo. Incidentally, this update is more important for fluidity and autonomy than for User Interface modifications.

If you are waiting for a new User Interface it is possible that Huawei will bid with Huawei P20 on EMUI 8.1. Let us remember that this latest information is just rumors.

At this moment there is not much you can do to advance the upgrade process. You can jump to the settings, about the phone and system upgrade. Check that your software is up to date and in case you’re lucky to see a pop up with Android Oreo, force it!

Huawei has made efforts to bring updates to time and time, however, this one of Android Oreo, arrived when the “Preview” of Android P is now available. This alone indicates how much Android manufacturers have to work to improve the service provided.



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