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Huawei now has an official YouTube replacement for its smartphones!

Huawei continues its mission impossible to find viable alternatives for all Google services and applications that can no longer be integrated into their smartphones. It has now been announced that they already have an official replacement for the YouTube app.

As of now, the Huawei Video service has a strong partnership with Dailymotion, one of the largest video platforms today. The announcement was made by Dailymotion through an official statement on its website.

Dialymotion Huawei

Although Dailymotion is not a direct replacement for YouTube, it will certainly be an important addition to the list of partnerships that will make a “life without Google” a reality for Huawei smartphones.

Huawei is struggling, but replacing Google seems impossible

We cannot point fingers at Huawei, because since they started being attacked by the United States, they have been doing everything they can to get everything back to normal. However, it seems that this will not even be possible.

This partnership with Dailymotion comes after the manufacturer was able to guarantee an alternative to Google Maps, using the HERE WeGo service. But it is not difficult to see that from now on, Huawei will need to settle for “silver medals”.

Although both services are of high quality and have a lot to offer users, they are unable to keep up with Google’s offerings. Although they may be a viable alternative in several markets, it will be very difficult to get back to the same level of popularity in Europe without Google applications.

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