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Huawei Nano Memory Card: The solution to the problem that does not exist

Huawei Nano Memory Card The solution to the problem that does not exist

Yesterday was an event day in London for the Chinese manufacturer, where they presented a handful of new products including the Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Watch GT and Mate 20X. Along with the new top of the range also came the Nano Memory Card, an alternative to MicroSD.

During the presentation of their new top of the range, the manufacturer revealed that they would not support the usual MicroSD memory cards. This is because they decided to “invent” a new Nano Memory Card, to enable the expansion of storage on their smartphones.

This revelation was made quite effusively, although it is not clearly good news for users who decide to invest in the new Huawei Mate 20, or Mate 20 Pro.

According to the company, MicroSD cards were introduced 15 years ago and now it was time to create a new generation of memory cards for mobile devices. The only problem is that there is no problem with MicroSD cards.

Huawei tries to solve non-existent problem with Nano Memory Card

In addition, it does not show any apparent improvement when compared to the current MicroSD card. Especially considering that its maximum transfer speed is 90MB / s. You can easily find a quality MicroSD card that reaches speeds in excess of 100MB / s at very affordable prices.

This seems to be another attempt to create a new market segment, where for now, will be the only company present. The big question is, will other companies join these new Nano memory cards? I do not think so …

It is not the first time that a manufacturer tries to “innovate” in the introduction of a new type of memory card. In the past, Sony also tried to do something like that with the introduction of Memory Stick. But as you can imagine, it turned out to be “sun of little hard”.

Huawei Nano Memory Card

Unless these new cards present some technological innovations that were not revealed during the presentation, there is no need for its existence. Especially these days, when memory cards end up most of the time by making smartphones slower at the end of some time.

Google has done an incredible job in developing the various services it offers to its users. For example, Google Photos is now an application that can take care of storing all your videos and photos in the  cloud unlimited. On the other hand, with the various music streaming services available, you also no longer need to save music to your smartphone.

It is not yet known what the price of these new Nano Memory Card

With these two great solutions for storing photos, videos and music in the cloud (instead of the memory of your smartphone). Does it make sense to launch a new generation of memory cards? Especially at a time when even microSD cards are no longer so important to smartphones.


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