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Huawei Mate V: this could be the name of the brand's next folding

As we advanced today, Huawei has patented a foldable shell-shaped device in order to compete with the Galaxy Flip Z and Motorola Razr. The images show a foldable smartphone, but its name would be a mystery.

However, in addition to this patent, Huawei also registered the name “Mate V”, which will probably be the nomenclature used for the foldable . Therefore, Huawei is determined to attack the shell folding market, with the letter in the name and everything.

Huawei’s first foldable was called Mate X, followed by Mate Xs. The Chinese giant will then change the letter to V, reflecting the shape of the smartphone, which will in fact fold into a “V” or “shell” shape.

Huawei Mate V is unlikely to innovate much in design

Huawei’s mysterious new foldable

Renders based on patents show little, just a closed smartphone, where it is possible to discern the camera module and a small screen, with the phone closed. This appears to be a miniature screen similar to the one on the Galaxy Flip Z. This small screen allows the user to see notifications, time and date.

Although the images do not reveal, it was indicated that the Device would have a notch storing the front camera. Therefore, it will not be like this that we will see Huawei betting on a camera under the screen, as rumored for Huawei Mate 40 Pro.

The most funny thing is that this patent had already been registered in August 2019, and only now have your documents been made available. Thus, Huawei should already be working on the launch of such Device.

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