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Huawei Mate V: concept shows the design of the possible rival to the Galaxy Flip Z

Recently, a patent from Huawei was discovered in relation to a new folding device, under development. This would be a foldable cupped smartphone, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Flip Z. Through LetsGo Digital, a concept was created that demonstrates what the so-called “Mate V” would be like.

As you can see, the foldable smartphone will have its fold in shell. It means that Huawei has decided to launch itself into the world of folding in this format, as have Samsung and Motorola. There is no way to avoid it, folding mobile phones are here to stay and it is possible that this year we will see the Huawei Mate V.

Regarding the Device, it is possible to discern 4 rear cameras, even with the smartphone closed . We also have a small screen on the side, which will probably serve to see the time, date and notifications.

Huawei MateStation can be an accessory for Mate V

In addition to the patent for the foldable cupped smartphone, “MateStation” was also found, a mysterious accessory that should be a specific dock for Mate V. We no longer see smartphone docks in abundance, so this will certainly be a unusual accessory.


It is likely that this dock serves to charge the Huawei Mate V, offer more USB ports and also connect to the PC. Given that Huawei is investing heavily in its ecosystem, this should be the purpose of the dock.

This system is similar to the Samsung Dex dock, created to allow the user to connect the smartphone to a monitor with peripherals. Essentially the intention is to transform the smartphone into a potential portable computer.

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