Huawei introduced a new generation of battery

Huawei has unveiled the industry’s first patented lithium-silicon battery. One of its features was fast and at the same time safe charging. In a statement, the manufacturer said that this development should change the process of using a smartphone. In addition, this technology has several advantages over existing solutions.

“Just as multitouch has changed the work with displays, Huawei’s ultra-fast charging technologies will change how people use smartphones and rid them of nomophobia – the fear of not having access to the phone,” Huawei said in a statement.

In new batteries, silicon anodes are more powerful than graphite-based solutions, which makes such a power source more durable and capacious. In addition, the batteries have a three-dimensional nitrogen-carbon coating, which can be synthesized at a relatively low temperature and has a high conductivity, which allows for ultrafast charging. Unlike traditional fast charging methods, Huawei technology uses a relatively low-voltage and high-current bundle, which aims to maximize the amount of current flowing into the device while minimizing the loss of efficiency, heat, and throttling.

“This innovation is based on advances in the field of electrochemical kinetics, which allow ultrafast charging batteries to maintain greater energy efficiency,” Huawei said.

New batteries will be used in future smartphones of the company.


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