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Huawei Honor attacks Xiaomi saying he is far superior

Huawei’s vice president of Honor revealed harsh words for Xiaomi indicating that the brand is well ahead of its competitor.

Honor VP Xiong Junmi was asked that Xiaomi had created a sub-brand with its “Redmi” and to what extent these smartphones would be the competition for Honor smartphones. The answer was simple and hard:

” The competition between Honor and Xiaomi ended long ago. Whether it’s the overall sales volume or the market performance of the mid-range / high-end product line, Honor is already a long time ahead. “

Although his words may be a bit exaggerated, Honor sells smartphones until he says it arrives. Incidentally, Huawei’s sub-brand is one of the fastest growing in China’s online market. In addition, it is one of the most coveted in the European market due to its quality/price. Take the example of Huawei Honor 10.

Honor 10 was the smartphone that most stood out last year. The Chinese company’s smartphone has state-of-the-art specifications with a relevant construction. Although it is not a perfect smartphone Honor 10 was able to surprise.


Honor’s results against Xiaomi are not enlightening to the general public

In turn, I also do not believe that your words should be taken literally. When we look at Honor’s sales reports, we always have them in conjunction with Huawei’s. That is, there is no right way to compare the sales of Xiaomi and the smartphones of the Huawei sub-brand.

OnePlus 5T Vs. Huawei Honor V10 Smartphones Comparison

In short, Honor and Xiaomi are marks that stand out for the positive. Regardless of the choice, they are usually quality smartphones with a much lower price than the competition.

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