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Huawei grows more than Apple and Samsung during the year 2018


Huawei has been a constant subject of news because of suspicions about possible espionage. However, today it is important to speak of this Chinese company because of its better performance against competitors Apple and Samsung.

In fact, these are the top three smartphone vendors in the world. However, the market is shrinking across the globe, and yet China’s Huawei has been the one to grow more in 2018.

The data are from the IDC agency and attest to the amazing growth that Chinese technology has achieved in recent times. In a year in which the global market fell 4.1%, it is Huawei who has more reason to smile.

Huawei achieves more exciting results than Apple and Samsung

In fact, as we had already reported, Huawei was able to surpass 200 million devices sold in 2018. In fact, according to IDC data, there were 206 million smartphones the company sold over the course of the year ended.

Figures representing a growth of 52 million units sold compared to the year 2017. In addition, this figure allows Chinese technology to collect a market share of 14.7%.



Soon after we have Apple with a market share of 14.9%, according to IDC. This is the result of the sale of 208.8 million equipment last year. As a result, this represents a fall of 3% compared to 2017, when the Cupertino company would sell 215.8 million smartphones.

Leading the global smartphone market we have, unsurprisingly, Samsung. Although also a victim of the market downturn, South Korea remains the best seller in the world.

In fact, it is now down 8% over 2017. South Korea sold “only” 292.3 million pieces of equipment in all 2018, representing a market share of 20.8%. Still, the Seoul company saw its influence drop 0.9%.


Xiaomi was one of those that managed to grow in 2018

Following the news that Xiaomi got the top spot in India, here’s more good news for Lei Jun’s company. According to the source, this Chinese company also posted strong growth in the year that ended about a month ago.

Consequently, Xiaomi was able to sell a total of 122.6 million smartphones throughout the year. This represents a growth of 30 million units compared to 2017. Finally, a mention of Oppo that occupies the fifth position in the world, with a total of 113.1 million units sold.

What is the performance of the first three in the last quarter of the year?

As for the period between October and December 2018, the scenario is not very different. Therefore, we have a Samsung also in the lead with a total of 70.4 million copies sold.

Then we have Apple with a total of 68.4 million smartphones. Huawei grew by 44% in this period, to 60.5 million copies sold.


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