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Huawei faces problems in all these countries

Huawei is most likely one of the smartphone manufacturers with the most ambitious goals, to outdo Samsung within two years. However, it also seems to be the manufacturer that is facing more problems in several countries.

After the serious problems in the United States, they ended up giving a giant ‘kick’ in their sales numbers. Now the company begins to experience the same type of situation in several other countries.

There is no doubt that Huawei needs to find a solution to these problems. The influence of the United States in its other allied countries is simply too great, which could lead to a very delicate scenario for the Chinese manufacturer.

Huawei continues to see its problems grow, now even in more countries

All the problems faced by the manufacturer are related to ‘security fears’ by governments. So, after all started with the Trump government, the same kind of action has already spread to Australia and New Zealand. Where they have already made official that they will avoid using Huawei Device in their 5G infrastructures.

Last Wednesday, the first news of a potential crisis began in the UK. With BT operator announcing plans to remove Device from Huawei from its 4G network over the next two years. In addition, the manufacturer will not be part of its plans for 5G networks.

One day after these bad news, Huawei saw the ‘heiress of the throne’ be detained in Canada after ‘orders’ from the United States. On the other hand, the latest news is about Japan. The Japanese government will ban the use of Huawei Device.

In addition, the new laws may also ban products from Japanese companies that use manufacturing components by Huawei. Therefore, these pots in Japan could result in even greater damage to the Chinese manufacturer.

After the United States begins a campaign of “defamation” of the manufacturer before its allies, it seems that they are already beginning to observe the practical results. Finally, we now have to wait to see what the level of impact on the results achieved by the manufacturer in 2019 will be.

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