Huawei claims that Kirin 980 can outperform Apple A12 Bionic

After introducing its Kirin 980, Huawei saw Apple raise the bar with the A12 Bionic present on its new iPhone.

However, according to the Chinese brand, its new processor may even surpass Apple’s powerful SoC.

With the recent introduction of the new iPhone, Apple introduced the new Bionic A12 processor, built in 7 nm, which stood out for its performance and that surpassed all competition.

Although Apple dominates this market, the truth is that Huawei will be able to meddle in the fight and win the first place.¬†At least that is the claim of the Chinese brand, which announced at an event in Dubai that its new processor, the Kirin 980, could be better than Apple’s SoC.

Presented in September, we can only see the true performance of the new Kirin as soon as the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro is introduced on October 16th.


Until then, only official brand data has been known, which has been preparing this processor for the past three years. Focusing on three specific areas (power and efficiency, intelligence and connectivity), we can find in this processor 6,900 million transistors, the same number as the Apple A12 Bionic, as well as two NPUs capable of recognizing 4,500 images per minute.

According to the brand, this will be a major evolution compared to its previous processor, representing a 75% increase in CPU speed and 46% in GPU speed.


After the quality jump Apple introduced with the Aion Bionic, Huawei will try to surprise the Kirin 980, which is expected to greatly outperform the existing processors in the Android smartphone market.


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